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Blavatnik Fund button The Blavatnik Fund for Innovation at Yale

Since 2017, Yale has awarded 55 Blavatnik Awards to 46 projects totaling $15 million* through the Blavatnik Fund for Innovation. The Fund is made possible by a generous grant from the Blavatnik Family Foundation in support of the commercialization of Yale faculty applied research and technology in the life sciences. 



2022 Awardees

Alan Anticevic: Manifest Technologies

Angélique Bordey: Treating epilepsy in a genetically defined disorder, tuberous sclerosis complex 

Jean-Ju Chung: The CatSper Male Contraceptive

John Deacon: Improving Small Molecule Therapy Through Targeted Drug Delivery to Solid Tumors

Anne Eichmann: Monoclonal Antibody mediated Blood-Brain Barrier opening

Mark Fields: Development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration

Lynn Fiellin: Building a Data/Risk Analytics Dashboard to Identify At-Risk Teens Through Videogame Play

Jaime Grutzendler: Reversing Axonal Spheroids and Conduction Defects in Alzheimer’s Disease

Gloria Huang: De Novo Pyrimidine Synthesis Inhibition for the treatment of ARID1A mutated ovarian cancers and other solid tumors (morag to follow up) do not use combinations

Akiko Iwasaki: Pan-antiviral Antibodies

Smita Krishnaswamy: MoirAI: An Artificial Intelligence enabled Integrative Omics Drug Discovery Platform

Bruce Wexler: Next-Gen Treatment for CNS Disorders: Digital Neurotherapy from C8 Sciences

Qin Yan: Epigenetic immunotherapy

2021 Award Recipients

Choukri Ben Mamoun:  Novel Therapy for Pantothenate Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration

Demetrios Braddock: Targeting NETs in Human Disease

Joseph Contessa: Developing Therapeutic OST inhibitors

Anjelica Gonzalez: Aero Therapeutics, Inc

Mustafa Khokha: Small molecule regulation of β-catenin nuclear transport: new targets against cancer

Nikhil Malvankar: Faster, Reliable & Scalable DNA Sequencing using Biomolecular Electronics

Anna Pyle: Intron Therapeutics: Targeting the unique features of fungal metabolism to build a new generation of nontoxic drugs

Faye Rogers: Direct Targeting of Amplified Cancer Driver Genes as a Therapeutic Strategy

2020 Awardees

Kumar Ashtekar / Mark Lemmon: Drugging Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva   

Jeffrey Bender: Target Site Blocker (TSB) of the IL-17A-miR466l-3p Interaction Prevents Progressive and Relapsing Remitting EAE

Choukri Ben Mamoun: EliV5: First-in-Class Antifungal Drugs

Ranjit Bindra: Athena Therapeutics - Targeting cancer at its core

Jonathan Bogan: Combatting obesity through a novel mechanism  2020

Sidi Chen: MAEGI Medicine - New Paradigm of Immune Gene Therapy

John Deacon: he Tumor Activated Permeability Platform: Targeting tumor acidity to enhance efficacy of known small molecule cancer therapeutics.

Barbara Ehrlich: NCS1-A New Target Enabled Therapeutic Approach for Wolfram Syndrome

Peter Glazer: Antibody-mediated gene editing

Ya Ha / Jonathan Ellman: Lkit Therapeutics: Exploiting synthetic lethality to target p53 mutant cancers        

Akiko Iwasaki: CynAxis: Traversing the Blood Brain Barrier

Andrew Miranker: Breaking toxin propagation in multiple system atrophy

2019 Awardees

Sidi Chen: EvolveImmune: First in class cancer vaccines

John Deacon: Cytosolix: Improving small molecule therapy through targeted drug delivery to solid tumors

Naftali Kaminski: Sobetirome Clinical Trial for COVID-19 ARDS & Vittix Therapeutics: Curing Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis with Thyroid Hormone Mimetics


Anna Pyle: Intronistat Therapeutics: Targeting the unique features of fungal metabolism for a new generation of nontoxic drugs

Aaron Ring: Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Inflammation and Cell Death in Sepsis

David Spiegel: MODA Pharmaceuticals

Paul Turner: Paci-PHI: Evolution-proof therapy against MDR bacterial pathogens

2018 Awardees

Jeffrey Bender: Target Site Blocker (TSB) of the IL-17A-miR466l-3p Interaction Prevents Progressive and Relapsing Remitting EAE

Anna Pyle / Akiko Iwasaki: Activating Immunity: RIG-I agonists as next-gen immunotherapies

Aaron Ring: Engineered IL-18 immunotherapy: An untapped cytokine pathway

Alanna Schepartz: Cell permeable miniature proteins

Paul Turner: Paci-PHI: Evolution-proof therapy against MDR bacterial pathogens

2017 Awardees

Anton Bennett: Targeting fibrosis by inhibition of phosphatases

Elliott Brown: A Novel Bone Marrow Aspiration Device

Andrew Miranker: TetraQ Therapeutics

Anna Pyle: Selective RNA vaccines for cancer

Mark Saltzman: StraDEFY Biodegradable Micro-Encapsulated Sunscreen

Alanna Schepartz: An Improved Strategy to Traffic Proteins into Cells

Stephen Strittmatter: Dual Fyn Pyk2 Kinase Inhibition for Alzheimer's Disease

Andrew Xiao: Rarebase Therapeutics