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Yale Ventures Launches IP Insights, an educational series.

IP Insights

Program overview: IP Insights is an educational series developed and run by Yale Ventures and is dedicated to informing and advising the Yale community on the Intellectual Property, the fundamentals from filing to prosecution, inventorship to commercialization and other related topics. Each session features an outside legal firm or service provider to go over processes and first-hand experiences navigating the complexities related to the IP process. There will be time for a Q&A session between attendees and expert panelists for optimal engagement. For questions regarding the IP Insights series, please contact Diane Harmon, Director, Intellectual Property Administration at

Session Recaps


Topic: Intellectual Property: What is it, How do I get it, and Why do I need it?

People talk a lot about patents, but there are many forms of intellectual property including trademarks, trade secrets, copyright and contractual rights. All are important, and can be used to exclude competition and add value to the technology. Join Patrea and Diane to hear me.