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Yale Entrepreneurs-in-Residence

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) have deep operational experience and have gone through the process of turning new technologies to new businesses. These experts act as an early “sounding board” for Yale innovators contemplating a new startup. In a logical, stepwise fashion, EIRs help frame both the risks and the benefits of starting a new company, asking relevant questions about everything from the science, to the business, to the market and helping faculty chart a successful path forward. Each EIR has decades of practical private-sector experience in building their own companies and valuable connections with industry and investor communities. 

Ahmad Alrawi

Yale Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Marc Appel

Marc Appel
CEO of Orange Grove Bio

Steve Andrzejewski

Steve Andrzejewski

Todd E. Arnold, Ph.D


Jeanne Bertonis, MBA, M.S.

Jeanne Bertonis.jpg
Healthcare Professional

Rob Bettigole, Elm Street Ventures

Rob Bettigole.jpg
Managing Partner, Elm Street Ventures

Stephen Bloch

Steve Bloch.jpg
General Partner / East Coast, Caanan Partners

Daniel Brill, M.B.A.

Daniel Brill.png
Senior Advisor, H.S. Grace and Co.

Nathaniel Brinn

Nathaniel Brinn.jpg
Partner, VC23 Investors

Richard Brodsky, M.S.

Founder & Strategy Lead, Naveos Biopharma Consulting

David Butler, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer, Hongene Biotech Corporation

Ashok Chetty, Ph.D.

AshokAshok Chetty.jpg
Global Innovation Leader, DuPont

Jeff Chodakewitz, MD

Jeffrey Chodakewitz

Ken Coleman, M.B.A.

Ken Coleman.png
Director of EVP Operations

Gregory F. Covino

GC headshot_final.jpg
Biotechnology finance and administration consultant

John Davidson, Ph.D.

John Davidson EIR.jpeg
Co-Founder of Tangen Biosciences

Arthur DeCillis, M.D., M.S.


John E. Derrick

Chief Executive Officer

John Dexheimer, M.B.A.


Brian Dixon, PhD

Venture Partner

Konstantine Drakonakis


Frederick Elmy

Former Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Melissa Fensterstock, MBA

CEO of Landsdowne Labs

Seth Feuerstein, MD, JD


Julie Fishman, MPA, RPh

Julie Fishman Photo 2021.jpg
Director, Digital Health, Innovation, Partnerships, Implementation Cardinal Health

Colin Foster

colin foster.jpg
CEO, iSci Management LLC

Susan Froshauer, PhD

susan f
CEO, Pangolin Therapeutics

Dov Goldstein

Dov Goldstein.png
Indapta Therapeutics, Chief Financial and Business Officer

Matthew Gordon, MBA, MS

Matthew Gordon.jpg
Executive Director of Business Operations for the Heart & Vascular Center, Medicine Services, Transplant Center, and Diagnostic Radiology at Yale New Haven Hospital

Marco Greenberg

marco small
Founding Partner, Thunder11 & Author, Primitive

Gene Griffin, D.V.M., M.S.

Gene Griffin.png

Paul Griffith, MBA

GRIFFITH _ PAUL EIR_Headshot.jpg
Deputy Director for Plans, Requirements, Programs and Assessments

Alexander (Sandy) Grindley

Alexander (Sandy) Grindley Headshot.png
CFO at HighRes Biosolutions

Amanda Hayword, PhD


Brian Harvey MD, PhD

Brian Harvey.png
Executive Vice President, Science and Regulatory at the non-profit Global Liver Institute

John Hendershot, MBA

John Hendershot
Vice President

Joseph Honcz, RPh, MBA

Joseph Honcz

Jessica Hwang

Jessica Hwang.png

Daniel Jacobs, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Founder & Managing Director, Pathway Bioventures

Tom Jasinski


John Kao

stephanie headshot[13].png

Blythe Karow, MBA

Blythe Karow President & CEO.jpg
MedTech Innovator & Advisor

Susan L. Kelley, M.D.

Susan Kelley.jpg
Entrepreneur in Residence

Minji Kim, PhD, MBA

Minji Kim headshot Jan 2021 (2).jpg
President & CEO of Cross Border Partners, LLC

Kristin King

Kristin King.jpg
Angel Investor

David Kolb

David Kolb.png

Scott B. Kozak

Chief Executive Officer, Rho Renewables

Michael Kurman, M.D.

Michael Kurman headshot
President, Michael Kurman Consulting

Ron Lennox, D.Phil., M.B.A.

Ron Lennox
CEO, Monogram Orthopaedics, Inc.

Lawrence Lipsher, M.B.A.

Larry Lipsher headshot
Managing Partner, Martin Associates, L.L.C.

John Leamon, PhD


Yuan Liu, MBA

Yuan Liu.jpg

James Locker, M.S., M.B.A.

James Locker
Managing Principal, CenterPoint Partners

Peter T. Lomedico

Peter Lomedico.jpg
Founder, Lomed Biomedical Consulting LLC.

Aaron Mathias, M.S.

Head of Operations and Business Development

Cory McCruden

Cory McCruden headshot
FinTech Entrepreneur, Investor, ex-Chief Customer and Advisor Experience Officer at Fortune 500 Wealth Management Company

Alexandra Mack, Ph.D., M.A.

Alexandra Mack
Principal Researcher and UX Lead, Ad Hoc, LLC

Bridget Martell, M.D., M.A.

Bridget Martell
Founder & Managing Director, BAM Consultants

Chris McLeod, M.S.

Chris McLeod
Managing Partner, Elm Street Ventures

Ryan McMillian

Ryan McMillian
Managing Director and Founder, RM Consulting, LLC

Sean McNerney

Sean McNerney headshot
Chief Executive Officer, Origami Surgical

Sean Mehra

Sean Mehra
Chief Strategy Officer, HealthTap

Sylvia McBrinn, M.B.A.

Sylvia McBrinn
Angel Investor, Former CEO, ReNetX Bio

Paul R McGuirk, PhD

Paul McGuirk EIR picture.jpg
EVP & Director Gardiner Healthcare

Amy Millman

Amy Millman
Managing Partner

Frank Milone, CPA

Frank Milone
Founding Partner, Assurance & Advisory Services, Fiondella, Milone & LaSaracina, LLP

Sridhar Narayan, Ph.D., E.M.B.A. candidate

Sridhar Narayanan
Head, Drug Discovery and Development, Satellos Bioscience

Margaretta Nyilas

Biopharmaceutical Executive

Gabriel Parisi-Amon, M.S., MBA

Gabriel Parisi-Amon.png
CEO of Nebia

Marc F. Pelletier, PhD.

Pelletier Headshot HD 2  2.jpeg
Chief Executive Officer of Gardiner Healthcare

Sarah Nia, Pharm. D.

Sarah Nia
New Products Marketing and Planning Lead, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Landon Pollack

Yale Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Sophia Ononye, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.B.A.

Sophia Ononye
Founder, The Sophia Consulting Firm

Liam Ratcliffe, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A.

Liam Ratcliffe headshot
Investment Advisory Board

Timothy A. Riley, Ph.D.

Timothy Riley
Chief Scientific Officer/Chief Business Officer, Rett Syndrome Research Trust

Sean Rotermund

Sean Rotermund.jpg
Founder, Clarity Software Solutions

Barry Schweitzer, Ph.D.

Barry Schweitzer
Venture Partner, Elm Street Ventures

Sapan Shah, Ph.D.

Sapan Shah headshot
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Novatherx

Tim Shannon, M.D.

Tim Shannon
Investment Advisory Board Chairperson

David Shapiro, M.B.A.

David Shapiro logo
Founding Managing Partner, Blue Ivy Ventures

Michael Singer, M.D., Ph.D.

Michael Singer headshot
Chief Scientific Officer, Cartesian Therapeutics

Matthew Stannard, M.S.

Matthew Stannard
Investor, Angel Investor Forum

Hyuk-Jeen Suh, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Hyuk-Jeen Suh
Head of Samsung Ventures East Coast, Samsung Ventures

Michael Theran

Mike Theran
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Bonde Innovations

Steven Tuch

Stephen Tuch
Yale Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Stephen Uden, M.D.

Stephen Uden headshot
Co-Founder, Rallybio

Anthony Uzzo

Anthony Uzzo.jpg
Co-Founder, Core Informatics

Mark Van Allen, M.B.A.

Mark Van Allen.jpg
Global Managing Director, Morgan Pacific Company, LLC

Julie Vance

Julie Vance
Communications Coach, Executive Voice

Dan Volz, M.B.A.

Dan Volz headshot
Vice President, Americas at Medtronic

Alex Waldron

Alex Waldron
Chief Executive Officer, Wellinks

J. Gene Wang, M.D., Ph.D.

J. Gene Wang
Chief Executive Officer, Immetas Therapeutics

Shuang Wang

Shuang Wang.jpg

Paul White

Paul White.jpeg
Chief Transformation Officer/Chief Financial Officer, Second Renaissance Ventures, LLC

Thomas Wood

Tommy Wood.png

David Wurzer

David Wurzer
Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, CT Innovations

Peter Young, M.S., M.B.A.

Peter Young
Chief Executive Officer, President, and Managing Partner, Young & Partners

Andrew Zehner, M.A., J.D.

Andrew Zehner
Senior Director of Legal Affairs, University of Pennsylvania Gene Therapy Program

Marc Zemel, MBA

Marc Zemel headshot
CEO and Co-Founder