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Panluminate is on a mission to accelerate the development of Visual Precision Medicine, shifting the horizon from decades down to years. Our proprietary technology represents a radically new set of fundamental assumptions about the physics, the chemistry and the informatics of biomarker discovery. It is technology we believe will revolutionize the understanding of pathologies and provide definitive references for tissue health that will inform future clinical practices. Our early customers are focused on kidney, brain and cancer research and pre-clinical drug discovery.

Panluminate’s technology redefines the physics of tissue interrogation by expanding samples to 25x, in 3-D, while maintaining structural integrity. And we providing optical validations at resolutions as high as ~10nm using a standard confocal microscope.

We redefine the chemistry by revealing protein functionality. Our proprietary pan-staining reveals detailed structural contexts and precise protein localizations at both single cell and ultrastructural level. Our proprietary multiplexing technology also allow labeling of >50 unique proteins on the same sample without tissue degradation.

We redefine the informatics of diagnostics by optically cataloging the biomarkers of tissue and cellular mechanics rather than the inference and conjecture of current NGS spatial tools. With advanced visual sequencing and the power of AI/ML we expect these rich composite images will produce data sets that will revolutionize diagnostics.