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IP & Licensing

IP & Licensing at Yale


Yale Ventures IP & Licensing Services helps translate Yale University innovations into products and services that benefit society. Our team has expertise in business development, marketing, intellectual property protection, contract negotiation, financing, and venture formation.  

We proactively facilitate a range of  connections between Yale and the private sector to further develop and commercialize Yale innovations, and are dedicated to serving the Yale community  for a variety of successful outcomes: 

  • Executing a technology license 
  • Forging a research and development collaboration 
  • Supporting the formation of a new venture 

What we offer

  • Evaluating promising technologies disclosed by faculty, staff, and students. 
  • Protecting technology with patent, trademark, or copyright filings. 
  • Marketing technologies to industry, investors, and entrepreneurs to find commercial partners interested in developing and commercializing the technology. 
  • Negotiating confidentiality, option, research, and license agreements with interested parties. 
  • Nurturing relationships with our commercial partners. 
  • Advising faculty, staff, and student innovators at every step along the path to commercialization. 

Talk to Yale Ventures

Would you like help translating your academic discovery into a product or service that benefits society? Submit your innovation or connect with us to discuss your options.

The History of Technology Transfer

The Bayh-Dole Act changed the nation’s system of technology transfer by enabling universities to retain title to inventions and take the lead in patenting and licensing groundbreaking discoveries.