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Anida Kulla

Anida Kulla

Director of Investor Network

Anida Kulla is the Director of Investor Network of Yale Ventures. She connects new venture teams arising out of University research with early stage capital sources. In addition to educating faculty members on the fundamentals and nuances of the investment process, her investor-facing responsibilities include identifying trusted investment partners for Yale innovators across a broad range of markets. In this capacity, she partners with investment firms whose specific domain interests align well with Yale innovators in order to raise visibility among technology and biotech investors and facilitate investments.

Anida has worked with highly technical products across industries, with roles in financial, operational, and strategic capacities. Previously, she led business development for a Silicon Valley startup backed by Kleiner Perkins in the machine learning/AI infrastructure space, focused on distributed GPU-based cloud computing. She also worked with teams building blockchain based technologies such as digital identity products and a platform for decentralized asset-backed financing.

Prior to joining the technology ecosystem, Anida served as the Chief of Strategy for the USVI Hurricane Recovery Taskforce, which was tasked with setting the course for the recovery effort after Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated the US Virgin Islands. She has advised Fortune 500 and corporate clients in various sectors as a senior consultant at Deloitte, and started her career with a rigorous foundation in finance, working in the Fixed Income division at Credit Suisse. Anida holds a B.A. from Yale University.