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New Haven Biosciences Ecosystem News: BioMed X and AbbVie Extend Research Collaboration in the US

Bio Med X

BioMed X, an independent German biomedical research institute, announced today the extension of its ongoing research collaboration with AbbVie. This marks the launch of the first BioMed X Institute in the US, to be located in New Haven, Connecticut. Following a first joint research project on Alzheimer's disease at the BioMed X Institute in Heidelberg, Germany, the new US-based research collaboration will focus on immunology and tissue engineering.

"Yale is devoted to academic leadership as well as global strategic partnerships to foster innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. We welcome BioMed X to our biosciences community and appreciate the opportunities this alliance ushers in, including cooperation with international industry partners and networking with the European biotech ecosystem," said Josh GeballeManaging Director at Yale Ventures.

Read the press release.