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Elias Quijano

Elias Quijano

Blavatnik Fellow

Elias Quijano is an early-stage life science entrepreneur with experience building companies from scientific conception to growth-stage organizations.

As a co-founder of Gennao Bio, and current senior research advisor, Elias conceived of and developed the platform technology underlying Gennao’s therapeutic strategies. During its founding, Elias engaged with investors through several rounds of diligence, developed data rooms, and supported the closing of a series A financing led by blue chip investors including Orbimed, Surveyor Capital, and Logos Capital. Upon closing of his financing, Elias aided in the identification of laboratory space, acquisition of capital equipment, and hiring of key scientific personnel. Through CDMOs, Elias co-led  antibody humanization and the design and synthesis of several RNA payloads. As a senior research advisor, Elias continues to play pivotal roles at the organization, including engagement with potential BD partners, new investors, and leading exploratory research.

In addition to his roles at Gennao, Elias has served as a consultant to other early-stage entrepreneurs through a wide range of activities including market analysis, indication selection, and contract negotiations with CDMOs. Elias also previously served as a Blavatnik Associate with Yale Ventures and as a fellow with 8VC, where he further honed his experience with early-stage biotech companies.

Elias holds a PhD in Genetics from Yale University, awarded as part of a dual degree MD/PhD program. His graduate work focused on the development of non-viral drug delivery tools for small molecules and nucleic acids including polymeric nanoparticles and monoclonal antibodies. During his graduate work, he published over 20 peer-reviewed scientific articles, 10 patents, and 2 book chapters.

Outside of biotech, Elias is passionate about CrossFit and powerlifting. He also enjoys spending weekends at home with his wife and three kids.