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Janie Merkel, PhD

Janie Merkel, PhD

Corporate Strategy Officer, Health & Life Sciences
Janie Merkel

With over twenty-five years of scientific and administrative experience, Janie enjoys building and refining efficient routes to conduct science and fostering scientists on their professional journeys.

Scientifically, Janie is passionate about the intersection of science and service, working closely with scientists to apply high throughput molecular technologies to answer diverse biological and biomedical questions. She has led teams using technologies including protein folding, genome sequencing, gene expression and protein microarray profiling on projects within industry, academia and in non-profit research institutions. Janie was the Director of Yale University’s Center for Molecular Discovery for thirteen years, expertly translating novel concepts for disease targets into directed small molecule and siRNA screening and hit validation programs, working with Craig Crews as the Faculty Director.

Since 2016, Janie has served as a member for the External Oversight Committee of the National Institutes of Health Blueprint Neurotherapeutic Network Program. She reviews portfolio programs to advance small molecule therapeutics treating a range of neurological diseases through Phase I clinical trials.

Janie received her PhD from Yale University in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and conducted her postdoctoral fellowship in genomic sequencing at The Institute for Genomic Research, now a part of the J. Craig Venter Institute.