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Karthik Chetlapalli

Karthik Chetlapalli

Canaan-Yale Fellow

Karthik is currently a Yale medical student, having had diverse experiences across medicine and biotech. He began his career at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. While an undergrad, he worked as a synaptic electrophysiology research assistant, an ambulance EMT, and a vice president for a student-run veteran’s rehabilitation organization. Later as a business development intern for Neurocrine Biosciences, he screened academic institutes and upcoming startups for novel neuropsychiatric therapeutics.

During his Master’s, Karthik explored the prospect of new stem-cell-based methods for use in antifibrotics and next-generation (CAR) cell therapy. While he worked as a lab assistant for kidney organoid research at USC, Karthik started and led his non-profit SROA to tackle stem cell treatment fraud. More recently, Karthik worked at City of Hope as a clinical genetics assistant, supporting genetic counseling and precision medicine for patients facing cancer. As a current medical student, Karthik is interested in clinical trial equity, cancer outcomes, immuno-oncology therapeutics, and the power of venture capital in advancing medicine.

Karthik earned an M.S. in Stem Cell Biology and a B.S. in Neuroscience with a minor in Health Care Studies from the University of Southern California. Karthik enjoys backpacking in the mountains, gardening, tennis, and ultimate frisbee in his free time.

“To me, the Yale innovation and entrepreneurship community, means mentorship, collaboration, cool new ideas, startups, and making a difference. I am part of it, because I see it as another way to impact patients and people in addition to direct service as a medical doctor.”