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Orr-El Weizman

Orr-El-Weizman portrait
Canaan-Yale Fellows

Orr-El Weizman received his undergraduate training at Yeshiva University in biology. After graduating, he worked at Memorial Sloan Kettering where he studied how innate immune cells play an important role as first responders during viral infection. Additionally he studied how these cells are important for immunological memory, and studied their implication in vaccine biology. He then joined the department of Immunobiology at Yale as a doctoral candidate. There, he has extended his training in the lab of Akiko Iwasaki. His research focuses on deciphering the rules of immune cell engagement with tumor cells and how this knowledge can be leveraged theraputically. To this end, he has worked closely with Aaron Ring at Yale developing and advancing a novel cytokine based immunotherapy, DR-18, to the clinic.

Orr-El loves traveling, is a cocktail enthusiast, and enjoys cooking in his spare time.