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Patricia Pan

Patricia Pan

Blavatnik Associate
PAtricia Pan

Patricia Pan (she/her) 

Patricia is a second-year MPH-MBA student with a research background in neuroscience, immunology and virology. Prior to Yale, she joined IQVIA Asia Pacific as a medical advisor, working on strategic consulting projects for pharmaceutical companies. She also worked for MedSci, a CRO company, and an AI-based diagnostic startup on clinical trial design projects. More recently, she worked as an analyst for a healthcare venture capital firm with a focus in early-stage therapeutics and healthcare data companies. Patricia’s favorite things to do include solving jigsaw puzzles, playing the flute, hiking, and listening to ocean waves before sunsets! 

"This a great community in which I get to learn from my teammates and people around me. It also provides us the platform within and outside of the innovative Yale ecosystem to have hands-on experience on creating and growing a start-up, in which I get a lot of gratification from. Through this program, I hope to acquire diverse skills and knowledge, ranging from business insights to operation to management, and leave a real impact in promoting healthcare innovation."