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Yesenia Ye

YEsenia Ye portrait
Venture Lab Fellow

Yesenia Ye (she/her)

Yesenia Ye started her career as a Market Analyst at Corning Incorporated, where she helped prioritize the research and development project pipelines, evaluated M&A opportunities and set market strategies for the fastest growing greenshoot projects, such as Corning Automotive Glass. She then moved into the Gorilla Glass business as an Assistant Product Line Manager, where she managed a variety of products including Gorilla Glass 3, and the portfolio’s sustainability product strategy.

Yesenia is driven by her interest in the intersections of innovation, technology, and sustainability. She is currently a first year, pursuing her MBA at Yale School of Management. When she does have free time she likes to bake, paint on sneakers, or sketch the places she visits. Yesenia is always up to discuss cleantech, glass, and wine (especially from the Finger Lakes!)

“There have been many fantastic, life changing innovations that have come out of this community, a community centered not only around breaking barriers and cool technology, but also around society. I believe strongly that that is a common mission that Yale brings, and that all entrepreneurs in this community align with. I love being a part of this community. It is a great honor to be a catalyst that pushes these ideas forward for the betterment of our global society.