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About Yale CBIT

The healthcare industry is in the midst of disruptive market forces arising from the evolution of computing power, increasing transparency in health outcomes and costs, and technological advancements. At the Yale Center for Biomedical Innovation and Technology (CBIT), we focus on understanding these challenges and partnering with academic innovators, students, corporate entities, and health systems to overcome them.
Since 2014, CBIT has successfully established cooperative relationships with key Yale centers of innovation, technology, and health care. We have worked effectively with student innovators and faculty investigators in the Yale School of Medicine, the Yale School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Yale School of Management, physicians and administrators at Yale New Haven Health, and many others. Our collaborative framework enables the sharing of knowledge and capabilities along the innovation continuum and allows for accelerated translation of discoveries in medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health.

Meet the team

In 2014, Dr. Peter Schulam and Dr. W. Mark Saltzman came together from the medical and engineering sides of Yale’s campus to establish the Center for Biomedical Innovation and Technology. The idea was to more comprehensively support not only medical device development in the Yale community, but also digital health, and diagnostics. They wanted to expand the support and expertise offered for biomedical innovators and organize an interdisciplinary team that could provide education, build culture, offer mentorship, and help innovators successfully obtain seed funding.

Today, Dr. W. Mark Saltzman and Dr. Maxwell Laurans lead the center as faculty co-directors. Dr. Saltzman is the founding chair of the School of Engineering & Applied Science’s Department of Biomedical Engineering and the head of Jonathan Edwards College. He is a member of the National Academy of Medicine and the National Academy of Engineering, and is a prolific researcher, collaborator, and inventor, commercializing several of the novel technologies that originated in his lab. Dr. Laurans is a neurosurgeon and Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at Yale who specializes in spine tumors and degenerative spine conditions, as well as the Vice President of Surgical Services and Clinical Chief of Perioperative Services at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Dr. Laurans is also the co-founder of Nomad Health, a venture backed online marketplace for healthcare professional staffing solutions. Both leaders bring incredible energy and deep experience to the center.

CBIT’s experienced team offers academic researchers, clinicians and students industry insights and guidance on the technology development commercialization process. They support innovators across four essential areas in the biomedical sector: business, technical, clinical, and regulatory. The staff is augmented by a deep pool of industry mentors with expertise in diagnostics, digital health, medical devices, and platform technologies willing to work with early-stage innovators.

Partner Organizations

Collaboration is one of our core values. We work closely with partners at Yale and beyond to co-create and co-brand programs and events to serve the needs of students and faculty.