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Award Recipients

Golden Tickets

  • Ashoka Madduri, TargetSite Therapeutics: One-year free bench space at BioLabs New Haven
  • Marcelo Lejeune YC ’26, BlueGreen Materials: One-year free incubator space at ClimateHaven
  • Reid Waldman MD, VeraDermics: One-year free office space at DISTRICT

E-Poster Awards

Courtesy of Wiggin and Dana


  • Arts: Jamal Robinson, Change in the Air Foundation
  • Biotech: Prashanth Vallabhajosyula, Novel biomarker platform for aortic aneurysm disease
  • Climate: Elizabeth Lin, Fresh Air: Personal Environmental Monitoring
  • Health: Garret Ash, PhD, Combination Therapy-Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology with Digital Fitness as a Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes
  • Tech: Kidae Shin, Professor Charles Ahn’s Lab: Single Atomic Layer Transistors for Future Computing

Pitch Contest Awards

Courtesy of Connecticut Innovations
  • 1st Place: Douglas Clayton & Calida Jones, Creative Evolutions  
  • 2nd Place: Sunny Allis, All Together Now!
  • 3rd Place (A tie): Kathleen Wrinn & Peter Hodgson, The Bridge / Allen Keller, Walking Time Bomb LLC
$30K Biotech Accelerator Awards, supported by The Blavatnik Fund for Innovation at Yale
  • Thuy Tran, Bispecific MIF – D – DT Targeting to Enhance Immunotherapy Responses  
  • Peggy Myung, MD, PhD, Programming Dermal Cells to Stimulate Hair Regeneration
  • Yingqun Huang, Treatment of Cancer-Associated Cachexia
Digital Health Accelerator Awards, supported by The Blavatnik Fund for Innovation at Yale  
  • Amber W. Childs, M-Select      
  • Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio, StretchTex, Inc.
  • Emily Lee and Jose Cortes-Briones, Non-Invasive Fetal Brain Monitoring
  • 1st Place:  Carbon Loop SOM ’24, Perry Bakas
  • 2nd Place:  James Licato YC ’24, Catala
  • 3rd Place: Marcelo Lejeune YC ’26 Bluegreen Materials
  • 1st Place: Brad Magnetta, modlee
  • 2nd Place: Renato Carregha SOM ’ 23, NAOS
  • 3rd Place: Sophie Friedfeld-Bebaide ENV ’24, Freddy Freed