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Yale Innovation Summit


Curatix ( is a New Haven-based Yale biotech startup that bridges the translation gulf between academic projects and commercial products in our areas of domain expertise, spanning fungal, bacterial, and parasite biology and pathogenesis, and in vitro/in vivo drug screening and optimization.

Founded in 2021 as a spin-out from Dr. Choukri Ben Mamoun's lab at the Yale School of Medicine, our business plan centers on advancing promising academic projects via merit-based non-dilutive funding. After de-risking projects, we then recruit strategic and financial partners to help translate them into commercial products via spin-offs, strategic partnerships, and application-focused dilutive funding.

This strategy will enable us to develop improved therapies and diagnostics in application areas with acute need, especially fungal infections and tick-borne disease (TBD). We are especially focused on more effective and safer therapeutics for anti-microbial infection, including those caused by both drug-sensitive and drug-resistant pathogens.

We have a pipeline of promising projects, some of which have already received non-dilutive funding. Notably, our PAMS (Potentiators of Anti-Microbial Susceptibility) concept not only holds promise for treating drug-resistant fungal pathogens -- it also has broad implications for infectious disease treatment as a first-of-its-kind antimicrobial adjuvant. Further, our novel secreted protein-based rapid diagnostic test (RDT) for babesiosis can detect active infection at extremely low levels of infection. This test will help slow the spread of Babesia infections in the US and abroad, which are spreading rapidly in some states, including our home state of CT. The test will be offered to the community via the Yale Pathology Core as part of our mission to serve patients by developing radical cures.