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Modifi Biosciences

Yale Innovation Summit

Modifi Biosciences

Modifi Bio is a preclinical stage biotechnology company creating a new class of molecules, designed to be delivered orally, that aim to selectively kill cancer cells via direct cancer DNA modification. The technology bypasses conventional approaches that indirectly target proteins in cancer cells and has already demonstrated robust anti-tumor activity in cancer cells while sparing normal tissue in a laboratory study. These novel molecules fragment in cells and induce DNA modifications, which are irreparable in cancer cells with DNA repair defects.

In our recent Science publication, this new class of chameleon-like molecules was validated as exquisitely active and selective against cancer cells that lack expression of a key DNA repair protein called MGMT (O6-methylguanine methyl transferase) and can overcome key resistance mechanisms in cancer.

Emerging research indicates that MGMT deficiency is seen in many tumor types, suggesting broad applicability for this strategy in treating cancer.