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Blavatnik Awardees

Blavatnik Awardees

The fund’s areas of support reflect the diverse innovations taking place at Yale, as well as the areas of greatest need in medicine today. These new therapeutics and platform technologies have the potential to change the paradigm of treatment in many medical fields. 

Links to historical 5-minute pitches are provided below. For an up-to-date non-confidential deck please contact either Morag Grassie ( or Jennifer Beecham (


Frank Buono, PhD, Associate Research Scientist in Psychiatry 
Dynamic 3D Morphometric Analysis


Craig M Crews, PhD, John C. Malone Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and Professor of Chemistry, of Pharmacology, and of Management; Executive Director, Yale Center for Molecular Discovery 
Fimmti Therapeutics


Antonio Giraldez, PhD, Fergus F. Wallace Professor of Genetics
RESA Therapeutics: Engineering Therapeutic mRNAs


Peter M. Glazer, MD, PhD, Robert E. Hunter Professor of Therapeutic Radiology and Professor of Genetics; Chair, Therapeutic Radiology
Altera Therapeutics


Raymond Johnson, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and of Microbial Pathogenesis; Director ID/Rheum Research Conference, Internal Medicine
Biotherapeutic for Systemic Sclerosis


Daryl Klein, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pharmacology 
Asteryks Therapeutics: Developing the First ROS1 Biologics for Cancer


Emily Lee, MD, Assistant Professor Adjunct and Jose Cortes-Briones, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Non-Invasive Fetal Electroencephalogram (EEG)


Alicia Little, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology, Director of Yale Vulvar Dermatology Clinic
Novel Mechanism for Treating Cutaneous Lupus: Topical Non-Steroid Treatment


Peggy Myung, MD, PhD, Vice Chair of Research; Associate Professor of Dermatology and of Pathology 
NuFoll: Programming Skin Cells to Regrow Natural Hair


Steven Reilly, PhD, Assistant Professor of Genetics
CODA – Bringing Specificity to Gene Therapy


Jason Sheltzer, PhD, Assistant Professor of Surgery (Oncology) and of Genetics 
Expanding the Universe of Cancer Therapies by Targeting Aneuploidy


Prashanth Vallabhajosyula, MD, MS, Associate Professor of Surgery (Cardiac); Surgical Director of the Aortic Institute, Cardiac Surgery; Associate Program Director Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency, Surgery
Trexome: A Novel Non-Invasive Biomarker Platform for Heart Transplant Rejection Monitoring

Farida Ahangari: Targeting Profibrotic Macrophages Using Mir-33 Inhibitors, a Novel Therapeutic Approach for Pulmonary Fibrosis 

Anton Bennett: Allagium Therapeutics - Driving change to better health 

Amber Childs*: M-Select - Mental health data that connects the dots

Jose Cortes-Briones & Emily Lee*: Non-invasive fetal brain monitoring

Vicente Diaz: Extended Release Latanoprost Wafer for the Treatment of Glaucoma 

Lynn Fiellin: Playbl: Harness the power of play to enable healthier and better lives for adolescents 

Michael Girardi and Jingjing Ren: Immunotherapeutics to Treat T Cell Leukemias and Lymphoma 

Peter Glazer: Enabling the next generation of safe gene editing therapeutics 

Yingqun Huang*: Treating cancer-associated cachexia using a first-in-class molecule

Rohan Khera: ENSIGHT-AI 

Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio*: StretchTex

Anthony Koleske: A novel treatment for schizophrenia 

Ruslan Medzhitov: To identify a new class of therapeutics for inflammatory diseases 

Peggy Myung*: Programming dermal cells to stimulate hair regeneration

Ian Odell & Richard Flavell: Epiregulin Inhibition to Treat Scleroderma Skin and Lung Fibrosis 

David Spiegel: Transmembrane Anchoring Bifunctional Molecules for Immunotherapy

Thuy Tran*: Bispecific MIF - D-DT Targeting to Enhance Immunotherapy Responses

*Accelerator Awardees

Alan Anticevic: Manifest Technologies

Angélique Bordey: Treating epilepsy in a genetically defined disorder, tuberous sclerosis complex

Jean-Ju Chung: The CatSper Male Contraceptive

John Deacon: Improving Small Molecule Therapy Through Targeted Drug Delivery to Solid Tumors

Anne Eichmann: Monoclonal Antibody Mediated Blood-Brain Barrier Opening

Mark Fields: Development of Novel Therapeutics for the Treatment of Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Lynn Fiellin: Building a Data/Risk Analytics Dashboard to Identify At-Risk Teens Through Videogame Play

Jaime Grutzendler: Reversing Axonal Spheroids and Conduction Defects in Alzheimer’s Disease

Gloria Huang: De Novo Pyrimidine Synthesis Inhibition for the treatment of ARID1A-Mutated Ovarian Cancers and other Solid Tumors

Akiko Iwasaki: Pan-Antiviral Antibodies

Smita Krishnaswamy: MoirAI: An Artificial Intelligence Enabled Integrative Omics Drug Discovery Platform

Bruce Wexler: Next-Gen Treatment for CNS Disorders: Digital Neurotherapy from C8 Sciences

Qin Yan: Epigenetic Immunotherapy

Choukri Ben Mamoun:  Novel Therapy for Pantothenate Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration

Demetrios Braddock: Targeting NETs in Human Disease

Joseph Contessa: Developing Therapeutic OST inhibitors

Anjelica Gonzalez: Aero Therapeutics, Inc

Mustafa Khokha: Small molecule regulation of β-catenin nuclear transport: new targets against cancer

Nikhil Malvankar: Faster, Reliable & Scalable DNA Sequencing using Biomolecular Electronics

Anna Pyle: Intron Therapeutics: Targeting the unique features of fungal metabolism to build a new generation of nontoxic drugs

Faye Rogers: Direct Targeting of Amplified Cancer Driver Genes as a Therapeutic Strategy

Kumar Ashtekar / Mark Lemmon: Drugging Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva  

Jeffrey Bender: Target Site Blocker (TSB) of the IL-17A-miR466l-3p Interaction Prevents Progressive and Relapsing Remitting EAE

Choukri Ben Mamoun: EliV5: First-in-Class Antifungal Drugs

Ranjit Bindra: Athena Therapeutics - Targeting cancer at its core

Jonathan Bogan: Combatting obesity through a novel mechanism  2020

Sidi Chen: MAEGI Medicine - New Paradigm of Immune Gene Therapy

John Deacon: he Tumor Activated Permeability Platform: Targeting tumor acidity to enhance efficacy of known small molecule cancer therapeutics.

Barbara Ehrlich: NCS1-A New Target Enabled Therapeutic Approach for Wolfram Syndrome

Peter Glazer: Antibody-mediated gene editing

Ya Ha / Jonathan Ellman: Lkit Therapeutics: Exploiting synthetic lethality to target p53 mutant cancers        

Akiko Iwasaki: CynAxis: Traversing the Blood Brain Barrier

Andrew Miranker: Breaking toxin propagation in multiple system atrophy

Sidi Chen: EvolveImmune: First in class cancer vaccines

John Deacon: Cytosolix: Improving small molecule therapy through targeted drug delivery to solid tumors

Naftali Kaminski: Sobetirome Clinical Trial for COVID-19 ARDS & Vittix Therapeutics: Curing Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis with Thyroid Hormone Mimetics


Anna Pyle: Intronistat Therapeutics: Targeting the unique features of fungal metabolism for a new generation of nontoxic drugs

Aaron Ring: Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Inflammation and Cell Death in Sepsis

David Spiegel: MODA Pharmaceuticals

Paul Turner: Paci-PHI: Evolution-proof therapy against MDR bacterial pathogens

2018 Awardees

Jeffrey Bender: Target Site Blocker (TSB) of the IL-17A-miR466l-3p Interaction Prevents Progressive and Relapsing Remitting EAE

Anna Pyle / Akiko Iwasaki: Activating Immunity: RIG-I agonists as next-gen immunotherapies

Aaron Ring: Engineered IL-18 immunotherapy: An untapped cytokine pathway

Alanna Schepartz: Cell permeable miniature proteins

Paul Turner: Paci-PHI: Evolution-proof therapy against MDR bacterial pathogens

2017 Awardees

Anton Bennett: Targeting fibrosis by inhibition of phosphatases

Elliott Brown: A Novel Bone Marrow Aspiration Device

Andrew Miranker: TetraQ Therapeutics

Anna Pyle: Selective RNA vaccines for cancer

Mark Saltzman & Michael Girardi: StraDEFY Biodegradable Micro-Encapsulated Sunscreen

Alanna Schepartz: An Improved Strategy to Traffic Proteins into Cells

Stephen Strittmatter: Dual Fyn Pyk2 Kinase Inhibition for Alzheimer's Disease

Andrew Xiao: Rarebase Therapeutics